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Our Clients

Since 1999 Rivlan has been providing top tier domestic and international companies such as Texas Instruments, Honeywell, ST Micro, Sharp, MediaTek and Lucent with innovative IC design solutions that helped them to enter new markets, develop cutting edge products and become more profitable. By combining our top level solutions with proven design methodology and the most advanced fabrication processes, Rivlan delivers on time and with excellent first-pass success, earning a reputation of trust among our customers.  Our client list includes:






Here are a few comments from Rivlan's clients about its services:

"Rivlan has demonstrated a unique capability of delivering cutting edge
analog and RF IC designs under a tight schedule.  Their expertise and
discipline has helped to achieve the project goals.  Rivlan's strong
contribution to IP resulted in 2 US patents."
Masayuki Miyamoto
RF Devices Division Deputy General Manager
Sharp Corporation, Osaka, Japan

"Rivlan has an established track record in delivering cutting-edge
analog and RF IC designs and developing their unique IP concepts to
support this process.  I'd like Rivlan to continue their contribution
towards our goal of delivering new innovative products to the market."
Senior Product Director, Semiconductor Manufacturer, San Jose, CA.

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