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Analog/RF ASICs

A list of typical steps performed to design a RF/Analog ASIC include:

  • Reviewing or designing the ASIC system specification for its monolithic realization.
  • Selecting an appropriate system and circuit topology for the chip implementation.
  • Installing device models for the chosen technology on the circuit simulator tool.
  • Designing the ASIC block specifications.
  • Performing feasibility study of the ASIC and its critical blocks.
  • Documenting the feasibility study.
  • Holding a design review on the feasibility study.
  • Performing electrical design of the ASIC blocks to the target specs over process, temperature and voltage (PVT) limits.
  • Installing device layout libraries for the chosen technology on the layout tool.
  • Assisting the Client with, or designing the chip layout.
  • Performing electrical assembly and simulations of the entire chip.
  • Extracting the ASIC netlist from layout, extracting the layout parasitics and performing simulations from the layout-extracted netlist.
  • Documenting the chip electrical design and its simulations.
  • Holding a design review for the ASIC electrical and layout design.
  • Assisting the Client with, or performing the design of measurement setup.
  • Assisting the Client with, or performing the ASIC prototype measurements.
  • Discussing with the Client the final results of the ASIC prototype measurements.
  • Recommending the final ASIC implementation improvements.


Analog/RF ASIC Design Flow




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